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The curve of things

ISBN: 9781960327055
Format: Paperback
Publisher: *Cavankerry Press
Origin: US
Release Date: May, 2024

Book Details

A heartfelt collection that tumbles through a life of love in all its iterations. In this collection of poems, curves in all their forms–a woman’s full hips, a rolling mountain, water’s soft bend, or the thrum of Irish immigrants living at the hard edges–are the focus. In their music, these poems celebrate queer love, map loss and liberation, and explore lovers’ scars and the knot of kinship that remains even when love fades. Tragic and tender, The Curve of Things traces the ecstatic joys and difficulties of loving women, celebrating this sweeping terrain of desire. A hymn of unapologetic intimacy and delicate language, these poems choose love over defeat and celebrate the warmth that humanity is capable of.