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Limited editions

ISBN: 9781960327000
Format: Paperback
Publisher: University Of Chicago Press
Origin: AU
Release Date: November, 2023

Book Details

A portrait of marriage, caretaking, grief, and recovery. Carole Stone’s Limited Editions is an end-of-life narrative journey, from her long-term marriage to the illness and death of her husband. Stone’s honest, understated, and detailed poems, each packed with narrative, bring us to the heart of her loss. Stone does not flinch in her descriptions of her husband’s suffering and dying moments. She dispassionately describes the everyday details of coping with being on her own–from daily household chores to the loneliness of being single as an aging woman. With Stone’s crisp observations and raw honesty, Limited Editions challenges the reader to think about death, grief, widowhood, and aging as a natural process in the life cycle.