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Glass hearts & unspoken goodbyes : poems of healing and hope

ISBN: 9781524890261
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Andrews Mcmeel Publishing (HEDS)
Origin: US
Release Date: August, 2024

Book Details

Glass Hearts & Unspoken Goodbyes is a collection of poetry that celebrates love and the journey through it and back to it that connects us all. A follow-up to Kayla McCullough’s breakout debut, Glass Hearts & Broken Promises, Glass Hearts & Unspoken Goodbyes is here to guide readers through the transformative magic that lies buried in heartbreak and the pain that arises when love spills over into unrequited. From suffering to self-empowerment, this collection is broken into chapters along the journey that remind you to embrace the storm, the hurt, and the rescue, on your way to finding hope in tomorrow. Love sustains, and we must do everything we can to return to it and preserve it.