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The complete practical guide to rock & water gardening

ISBN: 9780754835820
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Anness Publishing
Origin: US
Release Date: August, 2023

Book Details

Water is a welcome element in any garden, having the power to both soothe and excite. Combined with rock, it brings a whole new dimension to garden design. This book explains how to create beautiful rock pools, ponds, gravel gardens, wildlife pools and bog gardens, and shows how to use bridges, decking, stepping stones, islands and lighting. A plant directory provides information on waterlilies, deep-water aquatics, oxygenating and free-floating plants, as well as trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, ferns and alpines. For keen fish keepers, there is a section on buying and introducing fish, plus a final section on care and maintenance, which explains all you need to know to keep your rock and water garden in top condition. Whether your dream is a simple rock-edged pool or a cobble fountain, this book is perfect for all gardeners.