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River justice

ISBN: 9781038914989
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mills & Boon (HEDS)
Origin: AU
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

When you look for the truth, there’s no telling what you’ll find… Brand Stafford has long felt he didn’t quite fit in with his siblings. Now he has the DNA evidence to prove his real father is the Staffords’ ranching rival, Holden McKenna. That secret does more than complicate his family – it’s also made him the prime suspect in a kidnapping. His unlikely ally in clearing his name is Birdie Malone, newly arrived in Powder Crossing in search of answers of her own. Impetuous and stubborn, Birdie has a knack for pulling Brand out of his comfort zone. Suddenly this rule-following cowboy is determined to do what he knows is right, whether that’s tracking down a kidnapper or finally giving away his heart. Even if he has to put everything on the line to do it…