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Hawke’s revenge

ISBN: 9781949153217
Format: Hardback
Publisher: James Mountain Media LLC
Origin: US
Release Date: October, 2023

Book Details

Only one man can bring justice. 1882, Wyoming Territory: Matthew Hawke is newly arrived in Juniper Falls, escaping his past back east and looking for a place to call home. But as soon as he gets to the small ranch town, Matt makes an enemy and loses everything. When a local rancher helps him out of the mess, Matt gratefully tries to repay him. He eagerly helps out on the ranch, becoming close with the rest of the family, especially the rancher’s beautiful daughter. But when the same ranch owner is murdered, leaving his wife and children vulnerable, it is Matthew Hawke that steps up and has to make sure justice is served. Their entire life will fall apart if no one seeks justice. Will he be able to avenge the rancher, prove his own innocence, and ensure the family’s future before it’s too late? Hawke’s Revenge, the first standalone western adventure from A.T. Butler, tells the thrilling story of justice, love, family, and doing what is right even when it’s hard.