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A house built on sand

ISBN: 9781922790903
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Text Publishing (UBD)
Origin: AU
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

Maxine has been losing things lately. Her car in the shopping centre carpark. Important work files-and her job as a result. Her marbles? ‘Mild cognitive impairment’, according to the doctor. Time for a nursing home, according to her daughter, Rose. Rose has her own troubles with memory, a recurring vision of a locked cupboard, claustrophobic panic. Something in the shadows. Something to do with the old family house in Kutarere. Back in that house by the beach, Maxine and Rose try to find their bearings. But they can’t move forward without dealing with the past-and the past has a few more surprises in store. Full of suspense and heartbreak, A House Built on Sand is a haunting novel about family secrets, the hazards of memory and ghosts that linger.