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The royal daughter

ISBN: 9781408729649
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Sphere (ADS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: June, 2024

Book Details

London, Present day. As Ella looks down at a faded black-and-white photograph of an unknown woman and child alongside a yellowing piece of sheet music, she wonders how the two things can possibly relate to her own family. The items were left for Ella at Hope’s House, a home for unmarried mothers whose babies were adopted. Soon Ella learns that the photograph was taken on the picturesque Greek island of Skopelos, nestled in the calming turquoise waters of the Aegean sea, and that the woman in the photo holds the key to her heritage. Ella’s new flame, Gabriel, urges her to unravel the mystery. He will wait for her for as long as she is on the island. Though torn, Ella decides to go and, once there, she discovers a heart-wrenching story of a royal family forced to leave their country for a new life in London, and of a girl with a unique talent for music who captured the heart of a young violinist. When Ella uncovers the sacrifice made by the two young lovers and comes face to face with her forgotten Greek family, her life is turned upside down. Will their story give her the courage to follow her own heart back to London and Gabriel, or will the beauty of the island capture her heart and lead her to a new love altogether?