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The kiss countdown

ISBN: 9781405964340
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Michael Joseph (UBD)
Origin: GB
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

Three. Two. One…Romance? Amerie Price is jobless, newly single, and about to be evicted. The last thing she needed was to run into her ex and his new girlfriend at her favourite coffee shop. Panicked, Amerie pretends to be dating the annoyingly sexy man she met. He plays along – for a price. Half the single men in Houston claim to be astronauts, but Vincent Rogers turns out to be the real deal. What started as a one-off lie morphs into a plan- for the three months leading up to his mission, Amerie will play Vincent’s doting partner. In exchange, she gets a rent-free room in his house. What Amerie doesn’t plan for is Vincent’s gravitational pull. While her mind tells her a future with this astronaut is too unpredictable, her heart says he’s exactly what she needs. As their time together counts down, Amerie must decide if she’ll settle for the safe life-or shoot for the stars.