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Summer’s sins

ISBN: 9798986673455
Format: Paperback
Publisher: A.A. Henbane
Origin: US
Release Date: December, 2023

Book Details

My singular goal in life was to make Evanna Bishop-Leclair miserable. As miserable as I was when I met her. I never meant to desire her, to become obsessed with possessing her, ruining her. When I’m given the chance to enact my fantasy of destroying her life, I leap with both hands to grab it. For one summer, I’d have the chance to use her and ultimately tie her to me irrevocably. I thought I’d rid myself of the obsession. Instead, I fell in love. But loving Eva isn’t easy. Especially not when she disappears, without a trace, for ten years. This Christmas, I have a chance to reclaim her. Theodore LeClair hated me from the moment he met me. I sported bruises, casts, and weathered rumors because of the depth of his loathing. But he wanted me more than he despised me, and my hormones had me tossing aside reality for a dream. I walked into his arms with my eyes wide open, ready to accept the consequences of playing his game. One summer – what could be the harm? I didn’t think I’d leave with a bruised, bleeding heart. I didn’t think that it would be my family’s fault.I ran. I ran for my sanity, my future, my child.A decade later, and life is different now. Working through the mire of my trauma, I’ve become a new woman. I won’t fall into the traps I did as a young woman. I won’t look at Theodore and see the love of my life. As I sit at the dinner table, I’ll be able to look the people who betrayed me in the eye – and no longer care about them. At least, that’s the plan.