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ISBN: 9780241676325
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Michael Joseph (UBD)
Origin: GB
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

Jade Shaw has lost control of her life. Pushed around by her warring family, and taken for granted by a boyfriend who’s more interested in his “brand” than their relationship, she knows that somewhere along the path to being an adult she’s lost her way. And she can’t seem to find it again. The last place she expects to discover answers is on the floor outside her flat. But there it is- a script. Containing her name, and her boyfriend Adam’s and depicting another huge argument in which Jade fails to stand up for herself. The weird thing is- this argument hasn’t happened yet. The row becomes reality. Jade tries and fails to find her voice. Then more scripts appear, predicting infuriating scenarios in which Jade’s boss, mum, and bridezilla sister walk all over her. Whoever is leaving these scripts knows Jade inside-out. But who is writing them? How are they able to predict her future so accurately? And what can Jade do to re-write the script?