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Mr. hook-up

ISBN: 9781662515521
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Origin: US
Release Date: October, 2023

Book Details

Hooked. An app designed for the ideal one-night stand is the brainchild of Harvard graduate students Easton Jones and his two best friends. When Easton creates his Hooked profile, he gets a 100 percent perfect match. Who is this sure thing? Her username is Love. Their chemistry is off-the-charts explosive, and just when Easton begins falling for her, she disconnects from the app and disappears. Five years later, Hooked is now the number one dating app in the country. But thats not the only thing on fire. Eastons brilliant, gorgeous new recruit, Drake Madden, has ignited a desire he hasnt experienced in years. Professionally and personally, theyre sizzling. Just as things really start getting serious, Love resurfaces. She wants a chance to explain, and shes sending Eastons heart into rewind.