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Midnight dream

ISBN: 9781954706033
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Runeweaver Press
Origin: US
Release Date: October, 2023

Book Details

A temperamental lunar mage. A reclusive vampire lord. The blood bond that could reunite them and save their homeland or tear them apart forever.Nova Ferndale, lunar mage and esteemed professor of astromancy, swore never to trust the lying fiend Lord Kalric Ashcroft again.One year ago, she made the unfortunate mistake of falling in love with him. A surprise kiss revealed the truth of what he was-a vampire. Now, paladins wielding sunlight have arrived from across the sea to purge the Sidereal Isles of all people touched by night.Lunar mages. Vampires. Kalric.To obtain the power necessary to protect him and their homeland, Nova must convince him to undergo a dangerous ritual to form a blood bond together even though the process might kill her. Nova isn’t afraid of risking her life.Her heart, however, is another matter.