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Hello, stranger

ISBN: 9781398717442
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Orion Fiction (ADS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: May, 2024

Book Details

Sadie Montgomery has had good breaks and bad breaks in her life, but as a struggling artist, all she needs is one lucky break. Things seem to be going her way when she lands one of the coveted finalist spots in a portrait competition. Only it happens to coincide with a minor surgery she needs to have. Upon recovery, it begins to dawn on Sadie that she can see everything around her, but she can no longer see faces. She doesn’t want anyone to know about her face blindness. Not Dr. Addison, the vet treating her beloved dog Peanut & definitely not Joe, her obnoxious neighbor who always wears a bowling jacket and seems to know everyone in the building. He’s always there at the most embarrassing but convenient times, and soon, they develop a sort of friendship. But could it be something more? As Sadie tries to save her career, confront her past, and handle falling in love with two different guys, she realizes that happiness can be found in the places and people, you least expect.