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Forged by malice

ISBN: 9780008670658
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Magpie Books (HEDS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

A Beauty and the Beast Fantasy Romance Retelling A human woman reawakened as fae. A mate bond newly formed. A curse still to break. A coming war that could destroy the realms of the fae. Since Rosalina O’Connell journeyed to the Enchanted Vale, she has discovered many things about herself. Most importantly, she is the fated mate of Prince Keldarion and Prince Farron and she is half fae. Meaning her missing mother, wasn’t stolen by fae, she is fae. In her new fae form Rosalina attempts to discover the magic hidden inside while keeping Castletree standing as the Princes are forced to return to their realms due to the aftermath of the attack on Autumn. When Goblins attack Castletree and try to steal the sword of the Sworn Protector with Spring steel, Rosalina and the Princes must go to Spring to solve this deadly mystery. But Spring has been closed off from all contact for many months and trouble is brewing. Rosalina and the Princes must help Prince Ezryn reclaim his realm and break his curse before his brother, Prince Kairyn brings the realm to ruin. But Ezryn has many secrets and a traumatic past to face before he can become the true High Ruler of Spring. Will Rosalina and the Princes be able help Ezryn save the Spring Realm? Could Rosalina be the key to breaking Ez’s curse despite already being mated to Farron and Keldarion? The third book in the Beasts of the Briar series, a spicy Beauty and the Beast retelling filled with morally grey characters, a stupidly hot villain and a Princess who has found her Prince Charming. All four of them.