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Flirty little secret

ISBN: 9781538739341
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (ADS)
Origin: US
Release Date: June, 2024

Book Details

Guidance counselor Lucy Galindo works hard at being Harview High’s Most Likely to Blend In. Between managing her anxiety and depression and having never found her place, Lucy knows she’d crumble at the center of attention. So when she spills boiling tea on the hot new teacher (in front of everyone !), it’s a nightmare come to life. Aldrich Fletcher is having the worst first day: thanks to a clumsy (and well, beautiful) mystery woman, his pants are soaked; his ex-girlfriend is his new co-worker, and his estranged dad won’t stop trying to talk to him. Thankfully, he can count on his online confidant, the wildly popular @TheMissGuidedCounselor, for advice: like how to woo Lucy, for whom he’s falling hard. Only Lucy has a secret: she’s @TheMissGuidedCounselor. And because her alter-ego is everything she’s not-brave, confident, wise-Lucy’s terrified of her two lives meeting. So when Fletcher realizes the truth, how can he find the courage to tell her-knowing it might end their growing romance? But for them to have a future, Lucy will need to realize she and her alter-ego aren’t so different. Because loving yourself can be the bravest thing of all.