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Close knit

ISBN: 9781399734189
Format: Paperback
Publisher: H&S Fiction (ADS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: August, 2024

Book Details

Gertie has always had her head in the clouds, wondering what her life might be like if she could only pluck up the courage to leave the remote Scottish island where she was born. It’s the only place she knows, but you can’t do anything there without everyone knowing, the glue of this close-knit community is the Knitting Circle, a group of strong, capable and frankly nosy women who work hard, gossip, knit and support each other through thick and thin. At the centre of this sisterhood is Gertie’s mum Jean and her grandmother Elspeth, and the three generations of women live together, surrounded by wool, in one small cottage. When the chance comes to make changes, a new job working with old schoolfriend Morag on the local airline, new friends and even a possible new romance, a world of possibilities opens up before Gertie. Is this the way to make her dreams come true?