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At her service

ISBN: 9780008669836
Format: Paperback
Publisher: One More Chapter (HEDS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

Max Van Doren has a wish list, and a great career and a girlfriend are at the top. But despite being pretty good at her job, she has no idea how to move up the ladder of Hollywood agenting. And when it comes to her love life, well, she’s stuck in perpetual lust for an adorably perfect bartender named Sadie. Her goals are clear, she just needs the self-confidence to go for them. So when Max’s roommate Chelsey – an irritatingly gorgeous and self-assured influencer in plus-size and queer spaces – offers to sponsor her for a new self-actualization app, Max knows this is the opportunity she’s been waiting for. Soon Max is scoring big everywhere and she dares to hope her wish list might come true. As her influence takes off, is it possible her Hollywood romance might also be closer than she thinks?