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ISBN: 9781529431629
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Quercus (ADS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

Charles Sinclair is Victoria Belhaven-Wynford’s best friend. Ever since primary school, he’s been the one Tori can confide in. The only thing she can’t tell him about is the pit in her stomach that just won’t fade since she started dating her crush, Valentine. Deep down, Tori suspects that whatever she has with Valentine, it’s nothing like what she feels for her best friend. But her classmate Eleanor has claimed Sinclair’s attention, the Juliet to his Romeo in Dunbridge Academy’s annual theatrical performance. Not that Tori would mind. If she weren’t the one who’s supposed to write the script for the love story between the star-crossed lovers. I don’t know who I’m kissing. Romeo or Sinclair. Sinclair or Charles. The boy I fell in love with all those years ago, or the man who has been driving me mad for the last few weeks. Whoever it is, it feels better than anything.