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All Tucked Inn

ISBN: 9781953334923
Format: Paperback
Publisher: CC Media LLC
Origin: AU
Release Date: September, 2023

Book Details

In the quaint town of Jubilee, where time seems to have stood still, All Tucked Inn holds a treasure trove of secrets woven through four generations of Callaways. The inn, a beacon of warmth and charm, serves as the beating heart of the town, but beneath its idyllic surface, a family legacy hangs in the balance. Lanelle Callaway, the steadfast matriarch, is determined to pass the baton to her reluctant daughter, Heather. At thirty-five, Heather is far from eager to abandon her thriving career in Atlanta for the sleepy inn that encapsulates her family’s history. It’s during an unexpected visit home that Heather’s world is upended by the enigmatic arrival of a captivating stranger. As their paths intertwine, Heather is left to wonder if this mysterious newcomer could be the catalyst that finally makes her reconsider her destiny and embrace the legacy of All Tucked Inn. Meanwhile, acclaimed author Madeline Harper continues settling in to small town life, but will she be able to make it work? Or will she pack her bags and head back to the big city?