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The keepsake quilters

ISBN: 9781529379594
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hachette Ireland (ADS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

One family. Three generations. And the threads that bind them together. Ambitious TV producer Penny has always been a planner. She knows exactly what her future looks like, until an unexpected pregnancy forces her to rethink everything, especially her relationship with the baby’s father. Penny’s mum Val raised her alone and always taught her daughter to be independent. So why is Penny pushing Val away now, when she needs her more than ever? To help heal this rift, Marguerite, Val’s recently widowed mother, joins Val in sewing together a keepsake quilt for the baby. But as the quilt takes shape, memories surface, and all three women begin to discover more about each other than they ever could have imagined. As the arrival of their new family member approaches, will they finally realise that maybe they’ve been looking for happiness in all the wrong places?