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Gideon’s gift

ISBN: 9781546006923
Format: Paperback
Publisher: FaithWords
Origin: US
Release Date: October, 2023

Book Details

Ten years later Big Earl meets Gideon, a seven-year-old leukaemia patient who believes with all her heart that Christmas means never having to ask God how much he loves us. Gideon is determined to reach this lonely and hurting man who hates Christmas – and he is just as determined to rebuff her. It will take a miracle for Earl to come to understand the true meaning of Christmas. But if he can accept what Gideon wants to give him, he might find that he can return the favour with a precious gift of his own. In Gideons Gift, Karen Kingsbury reminds us that Christmas is still a time of miraculous possibilities if only we reach out to those around us.