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The queen’s apprenticeship

ISBN: 9781923023031
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Transit Lounge (ADS)
Origin: AU
Release Date: November, 2023

Book Details

Two women from different worlds in Renaissance France cross paths in a way that changes both their lives. One is Marguerite de Navarre, a Kingas sister. Powerful, privileged and widely admired, Marguerite must nonetheless marry where she is told to, regardless of her feelings, and a despite the thrilling new ideas of religious reform causing upheaval in France a must toe the line for the good of her brotheras kingdom. Ever a risk-taker, she does what she can to protect her reformist friends. But she has always loved to write, and when disaster strikes in her personal life, she picks up her pen a but some of what she writes will get her into trouble. The other is a cast out, itinerant child who longs to be a printer like her late father. Jehane goes dressed as a male by the name of Josse, at first for safetyas sake and then by choice, fending off the risks of being alone, unprotected and born female, poor but trying to live in freedom. Eventually Josse joins a group of printers and publishers in Paris. Despite her suspicion of men, she comes to idolise one among them. But can they be atrue friendsa, and can she share her whole self with him? Long before #MeToo, women were telling their aunspeakablea stories, and these two, both rich and poor, are no exception. They come together in the most unexpected of ways. In The Queenas Apprenticeship one of our very best writers brings to fully realised and magnificent life a world of drama and intrigue. aAn enthralling novel of passion, literature and power, bringing to vivid life the story of Marguerite de Navarre a an ardent defender of the arts a and in doing so also giving voice to those who were often disregarded in the dramas of the time.a a Dominique Wilson, author of Orphan Rock and The Yellow Papers