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Savage world of Tony Lorenz

ISBN: 9781942801535
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Floating World Comics
Origin: US
Release Date: October, 2024

Book Details

Vikings, wizards, reanimated skeletons, street gangs, teen arcades, mystic swords and haunted jewels meld perfectly in this DIY saga that captures the exuberance of limitless adolescent daydreams. Welcome to the fantastical, mind-bending and wholesomely Savage World of Tony Lorenz, the cult cartoonist who worked during the height of the indie ’80s black-and-white comics boom and brought-to-life the hit first issue of the acutely offbeat comic series JONTAR. Together with his high-school classmate, Tony Lorenz co-created the ambitious 124-page fantasy-adventure SAVAGE WORLD, chronicling the exploits of sailors Slick and Jimi, who after being engulfed by a mysterious fog are transported to a prehistoric dimension. The aesthetic friction of a maritime fable rendered unintentionally in the style of 80s punk flyers propels what was once rejected as woefully amateur into rediscovered outsider art for the new millennium. Along with several other curated works collected in this expansive volume, THE SAVAGE WORLD OF TONY LORENZ is a celebration of the untrained and unrestrained, with many of these cosmic creations hitting print for the very first time ever! Enter a world where politics means nothing, a world where wizards and churches reign supreme, a world where men live for the adventure, welcome to–The Savage World. Battlin’ Ram is breaking into action and you don’t want to miss it! Night Stalker – A mysterious caped hero swings among the skyscrapers of Seattle. He is not known yet, but in a very short time people will know his eerie name.