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One girl began

ISBN: 9781399613651
Format: Hardback
Publisher: W & N Fiction (ADS)
Origin: GB
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

East London, 1909. When her family fall on hard times, Ellen finds work in a box factory & is drawn into a tight-knit circle of friendship, one that will transform her life and test her in unexpected ways. In 1984, the factory is now derelict. Eighteen-year- old Frances moves in with a group of squatters and activists who have taken over the abandoned building. As she tries to build a new life, an unsettling relationship develops, forcing her to question who she is and where her loyalties lie. In 2020, the squat is now a gentrified conversion in a fashionable corner of the city. Amanda feels trapped in her tiny flat, overwhelmed by the demands of new motherhood and unsure of what the future holds, until the possibility of an alternative life presents itself.