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Kings and canvas : the mammoth edition

ISBN: 9781954255821
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Outland Entertainment
Origin: US
Release Date: October, 2024

Book Details

Years ago, a boxing champion named Mammoth was exiled and imprisoned. Now, a decade later, he punches his way out of prison, ready to return to the family, title and country he’ d left behind. It’ s a land in which man, beast, dragon and champion stride a battlefield and either raise gloves in triumph… or taste canvas in defeat. Journeying across this changed America, Mammoth must train a grassroots army of pirate champions, irritable sea dwarves and talking, boxing polar bears to dethrone an unjust king and the evil councilor who’ d exiled him years before. An original boxing fantasy tale, Kings & Canvas explores the lengths a man will go to find purpose after life, liberty and career have passed him by. Simply described as ” Game of Thrones meets Rocky Balboa” (but with sea dwarves, pirate referees and talking, boxing dragons), Kings and Canvas is a tale of dynasties, boxing, family and revenge…in a new world where honor is gained not by using guns or swords, but rather fists, wits and the courage to change.