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Ocian’s elven

ISBN: 9781776890903
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bateman Books
Origin: NZ
Release Date: September, 2023

Book Details

Tarquin the Honest and Lunar Nix return with more underhand shenanigans and razor-tongued repartee to pull off a heist so big, bards will sing ballads of their derring-do for centuries. Created for the ancient dragons, a priceless treasure is kept under Elven lock and key at the heart of the great city of Ribekah. Tarquin the Honest, Wizard of the Silver Weasel, is under orders to ‘rehome’ the treasure from the ultra-secure Elderyn Museum. The mission is an impossible one – even the Thieves’ Guild thinks it is folly – but Tarquin has a cunning plan involving magic, trickery and a ragtag band with a unique set of talents. However, with the City Guard and a coven of vampires trying to thwart him, Tarquin must make a deal with the devil is he is to succeed. Can the wily wizard outwit the museum’s security, the vampires and the Thieves’ Guild or will the delinquent gambler’s chips finally be cashed in? In this sequel to The Hand of Glodd, award-winning author Gareth Ward, aka The Great Wardini, has delivered yet another fast-paced, fantastical tale filled with magic, mayhem and memorable characters, both old and new.