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A shot of gin

ISBN: 9781956136647
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Parliament House, The
Origin: US
Release Date: October, 2023

Book Details

Juniper “Gin” Cain is pretty sure she’s mostly human. Working security for the vampire-owned All Saints Casino, Gin’s got an edge on the other employees: vampires can’t drink her blood, making her perfect for the job. But when a radiated zombie staggers into the casino’s club, she’s forced to expose the inhuman traits she’s kept hidden. Now, the powerful Vegas vampires want a piece of her. Her fanged boss Colton-a cowboy turned during the Nevada silver rush-helps her escape into the high desert, but the Vegas vampires and radiated zombies pursue relentlessly, eventually closing in. Cornered and at risk of kidnapping, she accidentally triggers a nuclear explosion in a frantic bid for survival. Reckoning with the fallout, Gin realizes that if she wants to save the casino and the people she calls family, she must give up the idea of being human and uncover the origins of her mysterious blood traits-all while trying to keep her home at the Saints Casino, and the rest of Reno, from getting nuked.