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The circle

ISBN: 9780702268410
Format: Paperback
Publisher: University Of Queensland Press (UBD)
Origin: AU
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

The day that Cedar-Sage Stranger has been both dreading and longing for has finally come- her sister Phoenix is getting out of prison. The effect of Phoenix’s release cascades through the community. M, the young girl whom she assaulted, is triggered by the news. Her mother Paulina, is worried and her cousin is angry, all feel the threat of Phoenix’s release. When Phoenix is seen lingering outside the school to catch a glimpse of her son, Sparrow, the police get a call to file a report but the next thing they know, she has disappeared. Told from various perspectives, with an unforgettable voice for each chapter, the novel is masterfully structured as a Restorative Justice Circle where all gather both the victimized and the accused, to take account of a crime that has altered the course of their lives. The Circle considers what it means to be abandoned by the very systems that claim to offer support, how it feels to gain a sense of belonging, and the unanticipated cost of protecting those you love most.