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The broken hummingbird

ISBN: 9781647425593
Format: Paperback
Publisher: She Writes Press (ADS)
Origin: US
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

In the midst of a marital crisis, Jane hatches an unusual plan to avoid a custody battle, the thing she most fears: she convinces husband Kevin to walk away from the pressures of New York–in particular, her demanding job and an affair she almost had–in the hope that moving to their favorite city abroad will fix their family. In San Miguel de Allende, Jane and her young sons delight in new adventures, but Kevin still seethes. Jane befriends a circle of intriguing women and helps two girls who remind her of the brother she abandoned when her own parents divorced. After witnessing violence involving the girls’ father, Jane’s vivid dreams, possibly guided by a hummingbird messenger from the hereafter, grow ever darker. When tragedy strikes San Miguel, the community fractures and then rises, and Jane must make a dangerous choice. The Broken Hummingbird balances the raw undoing of a marriage with the joys of discovery that lie in building a new life.