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Patagonia route 203

ISBN: 9781800699151
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Welbeck Publishing
Origin: GB
Release Date: March, 2024

Book Details

Parker is an enigmatic trucker who spends his days driving on the infinite, mythical roads of Patagonia, an empty yet wildly beautiful landscape where people are brought together and separated by a shifting, omnipresent wind. Patagonia is a land populated by legends, adventures & exotic characters, among them a journalist still hunting for Nazi submarines, cannibalistic Trinitarians who have given up eating meat & a pair of evangelical Bolivian twins who resolutely guard a ghost train. Happiest behind the wheel, or playing his saxophone, Parker crosses these plains to escape a past he left behind long ago. Finally he finds a sense of direction when he meets Mayten, a strong and beautiful woman who works at a travelling fair. They are separated by an ill fate, but how will he find her in a land where directions change like the wind?