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My first book

ISBN: 9781803510804
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Granta (UBD)
Origin: GB
Release Date: August, 2024

Book Details

“I am not asking you to agree with me. In fact, I’d be happier if you didn’t. I am afraid of self-censorship in a place of supposed radicalism like a liberal arts school because I am afraid that one day we will all be too afraid of being wrong.” We grew up on the internet, or the Internet, as it was originally known, a proper noun, a place to visit and explore, before we claimed it as everybody’s, turning it into a place where we pay bills, shop, fall in love, where kids get past parental controls to come of age. Honor Levy lends her experience to the narrators of these propulsive, provocative & pill-fuelled dispatches, speaking to the malleable reality we all inhabit, where clicks, codes, unreliable words and memes shape identities, personas and reputations. In My First Book, Honor Levy endeavors to contextualize Gen-Z, a generation of young people desperate to discern what matters in a world that paints every event as a catastrophe. Irony is the salve of choice, and Levy deploys it masterfully. She paints the chasm in understanding between her parents’ generation and the Zoomer reality overloaded with niche signs and meanings.