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Is it so?

ISBN: 9781733661935
Format: Paperback
Publisher: WTAW Press
Origin: US
Release Date: November, 2023

Book Details

The last work of fiction from acclaimed author Kevin McIlvoy, Is It So? Glimpses, Glyphs, & Found Novels showcases McIlvoy’s artistic dedication to the irreal, the carnivalesque, to ghost stories, fairy tales, the short short form-writing that thrives in the edges, margins, and borderlands. A retired dance instructor battles a flock of dive-bombing crows for control of his garden. A teacher and his students develop an uncommon bond with a toy parrot. A seeker in the alternate universe of a DMV is dispatched through numberless corridors to see the Clerk of Happiness. Is It So? tunnels deep into the recesses of long-life experience. With clear-eyed and transformative vision-and confidence in the power of truths left unspoken-Kevin McIlvoy gifts readers “found” stories excavated from the everyday. ??Kevin McIlvoy’s collection Is It So? straddles ordinary vision and unusual sensations. Recklessly, marvelously, these prose pieces call on us to question reality as they cut a trail through the underbrush of perceptions, giving us glimpses of beauty in sunsets, crows, and phantasms-and an avid discernment of wonder within even the afflicted and the ordinary. -Anita Felicelli, author of Chimerica and Love Songs for a Lost Continent.