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In defence of her honour

ISBN: 9780645441567
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pacific Wanderland
Origin: AU
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

London 1800s to Parramatta 1819. Bill Miller had been raised and educated with the sons of the family. The youngest, Bert, had been his best friend. However, jealousy intervenes when Bill’s excellent schoolwork curtails their friendship. He wins a scholarship and enters Oxford University. When Bill’s father, the old butler, dies unexpectedly, Bert insists that Bill take over the position, but it’s more to oppress him. Bert’s jealousy grows and festers. Now looking for a way to rid themselves of their new butler, a ruckus ensues, and Bill is arrested for assaulting Bert. The housekeeper and her daughter Molly vouch for him, but it’s too late; Bill has been arrested and sentenced to be transported. With Bill gone, Molly now needs to defend herself from Bert. After hitting him with a pan, she is arrested and sent to Sydney. Bill and Molly arrive with letters of introduction and compensation from Bert’s father. Soon, they are running the best Inn in Parramatta with an endorsement from the Governor.